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The personality portrait session Experience

Welcome to a world where kids' portraits are full of life, laughter, and the little things that make them special. In my studio, personality portraits for children are not just about capturing a good pose; they're about seizing the essence of childhood in all its glory. I strive to capture the sparkles of mischief in their eyes, the unrestrained joy of their laughter, and the myriad of expressions that school pictures often miss. It's a place where your child's personality isn't just welcomed; it's the star of the show.

Whether you're looking for a vibrant addition to the traditional school photos or seeking a more expressive and unique alternative, my Personality Portraits offer a solution. I engage with each child on their level, creating a fun and comfortable environment that allows their true selves to shine through. From the shy, bookish types to the outgoing adventurers, every session is tailored to showcase the unique charm of your little one. Let's create a collection of images that reflect the true spirit of your child, turning everyday moments into magical memories.

showcase unique character in Every image: Capture Unforgettable Memories with my personality Portrait Sessions

The first step is easy - just say hello! You've looked through my portfolio and feel like we're a good fit. Reach out and tell me a little more about what you're looking for in your session. This is the perfect time to ask any questions about your session.

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I've answered all your questions and it's time to make it official! Once we've agreed to your session date and time, you'll receive an email with your contract and a short questionnaire. Once you sign your contract and pay your retainer, your session goes on my calendar and your date is reserved. The balance of your session will be due on your session date.

3. ask me Anything

It's time for your consultation. No need to take time off or try to find time in your schedule, we can finish your consultation with just a few emails. Your questionnaire will be our starting point in designing your session. From there we'll decide on your backdrops and wardrobe. Some people love planning their session, and some just want to leave it to me. Whatever your preference, you can be involved as little or as much as you want! 

4. your session!

Your session day is here! The most important thing is to relax and have fun! When you come to the studio, all your selected backdrops will be up and ready. You'll bring your wardrobe. All sessions take place in my beautiful, climate controlled Prescott studio or an outdoor location you choose.

5. your photographs

Approximately three weeks after your session, you'll receive an email letting you know your images are ready. Exciting! You'll be able to view and download your images from your own private online gallery. You'll also be able to add any wall art or prints at this time. 

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The portrait Process

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Explore a variety of session options tailored to meet your needs, from solo child portraits to heartwarming sibling shots and the cherished 'Mommy & Me' moments. The flexibility of choosing the number of digital images—5, 10, or 20—allows you to preserve as many memories as you wish. Each session is designed to cater to both the classic elegance of black and white and the bright, airy feel of a white studio setting. Opt for either ambiance, or blend the two for a diverse collection. Photographs taken in the white studio possess the unique versatility of being transformed into black and white, offering that timeless, heirloom quality to your cherished images. With these options, creating a personalized portrait experience that truly reflects your family's essence has never been easier. Beyond the digital images, you have the option to enhance your collection with a la carte offerings, including exquisite wall art, personalized albums, and more, allowing you to showcase your cherished moments in the most beautiful and tangible ways.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to review my work! Filling out this contact form is your first step to capturing some unforgettable memories! It's simple just include your contact info and details about your photography needs. Don't forget to add any specific questions or ideas you have in mind. I can't wait to hear from you and start this creative journey together!

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